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Spotlight on our Orange & Cream Goat Milk Soap

Errol DavisComment

When I lived in Ashland, Oregon, my drunken neighbors bought a pygmy goat one morning on a whim. The goat ran away that same afternoon, probably for the better, but ever since then I've been a bit obsessed with these interesting critters that munch on pretty much anything, make delicious milk, and are a lot more portable than, say, a large bovine. 

Needless to say, when crafting our original soap lineup, we had to include at least one goat milk soap. It was a happy coincidence that we were also a bit obsessed with those tasty frozen snacks: you know, half orange sherbet, half vanilla ice cream. We decided this scent would be a tribute to the dessert, incorporating orange essential oil, goat milk, and a dash of vanilla fragrance.  You can see and smell the results here.

Our goat milk soap isn't the most popular kid on our team, but it does have a loyal group of fans and friends.  A few customers order several bars a month off our website like clockwork. People from the East Coast prefer it for some reason. Is it vegan? Obviously, no. Can you eat it? Actually yes, but it doesn't taste nearly as good as it smells. Is there a Metaphor Organic goat? No, but one December, we dressed one of the dogs up with reindeer antlers. 

Did I mention goat milk soap is great for your skin? It's full of emollients, triglycerides, and vitamins.  Emollients moisturize by helping your skin absorb more water, and triglycerides restore natural oils. Vitamins nourish the skin to keep it healthy and youthful. 

Order an Oranges & Cream Goat Milk Soap and see if your skin can taste the goat milk.