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Introducing the Farmer's Market Bar

Errol DavisComment

When first starting out, a lot of luck lead us to success with the small gift shop market. At the same time, another impulse has been driving our process. Simplicity. We feel almost compelled to make great soap with minimal packaging. It's the kind of soap we would buy. Offering soap out-of-the box not only appeals to the conscientious minimalist, it also allows us to lower the price point substantially. The cost of the actual boxes is a relatively small, but by not hand-stamping the boxes and placing the soap inside, we can cut production time in half.  For the past few months we've been offering unboxed soap at various craft and farmers markets to a decent reception. Eventually we'll have soap-in-the-loaf for sale at $1.20 per ounce. You'll show us how big a slice you want, we'll chop it, weigh it, and figure the price. It's the same way you buy pizza in Sicily. For the gift-givers and admirers of great design: don't worry. Boxed soap is still available. And for the sake of logistics, the unboxed soap on our website will stay a standard 5 oz size.