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Soap Life

Errol DavisComment

Well, this little soap company has been going for almost 5 years now. Aside of gifts and samples for market research, I've used my own soap exclusively. I use it for hands and body. A big bar sits next to the bathroom sink as well as one in the shower. There's a small plate next to the kitchen sink with a large pile of soap shavings.

I also use our soap as shampoo. My hair regime happens in 3 steps: soap to cleanse, cider vinegar to balance ph, and just a bit of oil to replace what was lost in the wash. Same goes for the beard. When I do shave, you guessed it, I use soap, lathered in a thrift store mug with a boar-bristle brush.

We even wash the dogs with the soap! This started with a bunch of leftover "shampoo bars" from an experimental batch and continues with odd pieces and ends of the loaf. The regular Metaphor bar leaves the dogs even softer than the shampoo bar did. Our soap works as an effective pre-treatment for stains on clothes. The moisturizing qualities make it not the best choice for dishes, but it will work in a pinch.

I also use only my deodorant, although I skip some days. One of the best things about it is that it travels well so I can take it with me and apply as needed.

Along this journey, I've come to appreciate the different personalities of the different soap formulas. Our regular bar produces a lush, abundant, soft lather, while the castile bar is soft and creamy. The sea salt bar lather is light, perhaps even mysterious, and it rinses away quickly.

I could write on and on about soap, but you need to get back to your day. I will say that using an organic (very) locally-made product seemed unusual at first, but now, like tending our garden, it feels only natural.