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Extending The Soap/Wine Analogy

Errol DavisComment

On a previous incarnation of this blog I wrote about eating out at an (unnamed to protect the guilty) San Francisco restaurant that had excellent food paired with excellent wine that did not match soap at all! In other words, the soap in their bathroom dispenser left a funky smell on my hands that clashed a bit with my fine dining experience.

I went on to muse about the strange situation when we make such a big fuss about stuff like food/wine pairing, but neglect certain details such as the soap that might easily throw a sour note in the mix. The least you could do is use and unscented variety.

But as I think about it more, I find that soap and wine have a lot more in common. Both are obviously necessities, haha. Both are made from natural materials grown perhaps not too far away, or perhaps all the way across the world.

Both have basic economy versions available on the market and also more choice, luxury vintages. Some people pay hundreds of dollars for one bottle of wine that lasts a few hours, so our bar of soap that lasts a month is, by comparison, a bargain!

Both need to age a bit before they are fit to use. But while fine wine only gets better as the years go by, fine soap is ready in about a month, and past its prime in a year or so. So maybe the better metaphor is to compare soap to cheese!